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Why Work with TNT?

We built TNT because we've sat in your position. We've experienced the frustration of managing multiple agencies, each knowing only their area and abdicating the rest. We understand that in order to take a business to new heights you need a marketing partner, not another agency.

To really take the business to the next level, you need a team that has experience in all of the elements of scale- - the data scientists, creative designers, in-platform optimization specialists and experienced funnel architects-- all working together to drive your business forward.

We could not find anyone in the marketplace who could provide us with world-class expertise across all these we created it ourselves. We have developed a proprietary cutting edge algorithm to determine optimal bids/budget on an AdSet level to help our clients maximize profits.

The results you'll see will speak for themselves!

Our Partners

We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names

What we've Achieved

Generated over $1.2 billion
in DTC product sales
50 employees, all the remote and across the world
Years combined experience working with the highest volume direct response companies in the world

Award-Winning Google and Facebook Premier Partner

Site Testing

Tried. True. Effective. Facebook campaigns are a cornerstone of good marketing for growing companies. Leverage Facebook Ads and our Facebook creative strategy for steady growth.


Consistently a top paid channel for online retailers. If Google Shopping isn't a high-volume, high-profit channel for you, we can help.


Few agencies know how to scale commerce brands on Youtube. among eCommerce marketing companies our size, we're a top spender on Youtube advertising. We'll show you what works.


Google's Display Network reaches 97% of the web. It's a great place to scale, or lose money if you don't know what you're doing. We'll help you to scale.

Our Services

To truly make Paid Media work, you need all the controlled variables working together in unison. We know what it takes to get your Company profitable and therefore take a holistic view of your Company’s online presence.

Site Testing

73% of PPC ad spend fails to produce a single conversion. Don't let your site become just another statistic. We are obsessed with data and ROI optimization. Unlike 98% of agencies, we optimize our clients’ PPC campaigns on a daily basis using cutting-edge algorithm’s that NASA scientists would be proud to call their own.
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PPC Management

We are scientists at heart and by sending part of your traffic to each page we have created, you can directly compare the results and pick a winner. The more times you split test, the closer you get to identify the “ideal” page. Each test tells you something new about your audience and how to convince them to convert
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Web Analytics

Discover why poor analytics has become the #1 reason 97% of marketing campaigns fail. At Tried and True Media we are data freaks (as geeky as this sounds). Using analytics the right way allows us to determine what Ad Campaign is winning or losing… Which Ads to scale up… and which Ads to pull back
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Video Ad Creative

Creating winning video Ads is at the heart of what we do at TNT. We methodically test each element of the video and try to maximize retention rate in order to really drive volume for our clients. We heavily test the visuals, copy and all elements in order to test into a winner and scale to the moon.
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TNT Tracking

Tried and True Media created a proprietary "Central Nervous System Dashboard" that links directly into the APIs of the major platforms and also into our clients' CRMs and marries the data so that TNT are optimizing Ads based on actual sales (and not pixel fires)
This dashboard leverages AI technology and has proprietary rule engines that allow our media buyers and creative department to create amazing creatives and iterate on them in order to run some of the largest campaigns on the internet.

Free Strategy Session

We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names

Our Clients


Tried and True Medias is actively involved in the communities and giving back. Here's a little snapshot of some of the work our Animation Team have done helping Children in need in the Philippines.
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We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names
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