Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a large supplement company that operates in the US and European markets. Athletic Greens approached Tried and True Media to create a cold traffic acquisition funnel to help them scale their business profitably.

Key Results After 4 Months

Built an compliant, optimized cold acquisition Facebook funnel from scrath
Built the account from $0 to $500,000 in revenue in 6 months
Increased the LTV per customer by 60%
Built LTV (life time value) model and Revenue Progression Model
Trained inhouse team on how to acquire customers on Facebook
"Tried and True Media are special marketers and they were instrumental in helping Athletic Greens triple in zise over 18 months"
Chris Ashenden
Athletic Greens Founder

The Situation

Athletic Greens had issues with getting their Facebook account shut down, and also acquiring customers profitably due to the high COGS of the product.

Their LTV metrics also needes to be refined to determinate the true "allowable cost per acquisition" per customer.

Our Methodology

Customer Avatar and Ad Creative

We start by understanding your customers, who they are, what are their concerns and where are their watering holes. We then create amazing Copy and Ad design to maximize the CTR of every ad which allows us to reduce the CPC, and to drive profit for your business,

Mathematical Models

We measure everything. Our addiction to analytics is what helped us see where the money is going and the return we are generating. Our models allows us to know exactly how much a customer is worth and therefore how much we can afford to pay for them.

The Strategy - The Funnel

Because TNT were creating a new facebook funnel from scrath, there was no need for an audit of past performance.

After a detailed competitor analysis, we decided on a tow step funnel for athletic greens wich involved driving traffic direct from Facebook to a VSL and "hybrid" text landing page and then to an order page.

We also focused on mobile firts when developing the pages, given the volume of mobile traffic on facebook

We then create a "behavioral upsell" flow where upsells were customized to the user based on what products they purchased.

The Strategy – Creative

We tested ten different angles of messaging to identify which angle resonated most with the ideal Athletic Greens customer, and found the "detoxify and alkalize" angle worked the best.

We then created a VSL which revolved around the angle that had the highest ad CTR, and ensured that messaging was the same for each product sold in the funnel.

Within Facebook, we also changed the campaign architecture to have a universal UTM structure that allowed us to determine LTV per ad so that we could see wich ad was generating the highest ROAS, allowing us to scale winning creatives faster

The Results

This combination of the funnel, creative and data strategy resulted in Tried and True increasing the LTV (Lifetime Value) of each customer by 60% and helping Athletic Greens drastically (and profitably) scale their offer to from $0 to $500,000 per month within 6 months.

Want an audit of your funnel or media buying?

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