Butcher Box

ButcherBox approached Tried and True Media to help them profitably acquire customers from the Facebook channel.

Key Results After 6 Months

Increased generated revenue from facebook by 500%
Create a scalable, replicable system in which ButcherBox Could acquire new customers from Facebook profitably.
Acquired 25,000 full paying customers on subscription from facebook.
Tried and True Media hepeld us offboard with another advertising company and build a highly scalable program. Their attention to detail, creativity, and driving profitability was top notch. Highly recommernded, we would work with these guys again.
Mike Salguero
CEO ButcherBox

The Situation

They had tried numerous marketing agencies over the preceding 24 months, and were unable to reach scale and profitability.

ButcherBox kept running into the issue of not being able to acquire customers at their allowable cost per acquisition (CPA) at scale.

They also faced of the challenge of balancing their brand while also generating a profitable scale.

Our Methodology

Customer Avatar and Ad Creative

We start by understanding your customers, who they are, what are their concerns and where are their watering holes. We then create amazing Copy and Ad design to maximize the CTR of every ad which allows us to reduce the CPC, and to drive profit for your business,

Mathematical Models

We measure everything. Our addiction to analytics is what helped us see where the money is going and the return we are generating. Our models allows us to know exactly how much a customer is worth and therefore how much we can afford to pay for them.

The Solution

Winning Online is Part Art and Part Science
The results achieved with Butcherbox were made possible because the Tried and True Media team applied a proven strategy in acquiring new customers from Facebook.. the same strategy has worked numerous times in the subscription, high ticket item and food delivery space.

This strategy also allowed Tried and True Media to develop winning creatives and funnel architecture improvements, which in turn allowed Butcherbox to scale to unprecedented levels.

Want an audit of your funnel or media buying?

We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names
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