Dr Axe

Dr Axe Tried and True Media to help them acquirer more customers on Facebook and dramatically increase their paid acquisition efforts on their essential oil traning program.

Key Results After 4 Months

Increased Facebook scale by 2x within 120 days
Developed a creative system using dynamic ads that allowed us rapidly test different creatives. This allowed to "hone" in on messaging that renovated the most with their avatar
Increased their ROAS (return on adspend) because we allocated higher budget to higher converting times of the day (mostly between 6am to 12pm).
Increased the AOV of each customer via targeting higher quality audiences through using a dynamic populating audience based on conversion data.
"I've probably worked with 15+ agencies and "specialists",  but thecniques Tried and True Media gave me to look at my program are the only ones I use weekly if not daily to run my performance program, plus their performance was great."
Mike Danner
Dr. Axe CMO

The Situation

Acquisition efforts were low and the EPC (earnings per clieck) didn't allow Dr Axe to reach the scale they wanted.

They also ran into issues with understanding their LTV (life time value) and segmenting the revenue attributable to each funnel in irder to determine an accurate customer value.

The Solution

Winning Online is Part Art and Part Science
We first did an audit of their account and found that the purchase pixel was firing multiple times (first on the primary purchase, but again on each upsell) vs just firing once, which was "muddying their data.

We then used dynamic ads to test widly different variations very quickly for low cost to find which message worked the best.

We added revenue events to the FB pixel to push back accurate revenue data back to FB so that we could target higher value customers when creating new audiences.

Our Methodology

Customer Avatar and Ad Creative

We start by understanding your customers, who they are, what are their concerns and where are their watering holes. We then create amazing Copy and Ad design to maximize the CTR of every ad which allows us to reduce the CPC, and to drive profit for your business,

Mathematical Models

We measure everything. Our addiction to analytics is what helped us see where the money is going and the return we are generating. Our models allows us to know exactly how much a customer is worth and therefore how much we can afford to pay for them.

Want an audit of your funnel or media buying?

We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names
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