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With the gradual move to an internet where tracking pixels will either be outdated or severely limited, as Android announced plans to follow in Apples footsteps, a highly accurate, easy-to-implement, and most importantly, pixel-less solution must be found – enter Tried and True Tracking.

Key Results

Following is a client in the Healthcare / Fitness space which implemented Tried and True Tracking in mid-December 2021. 
132% increase in volume of sales
171% increase in sales
14.4% decrease in CPA
The combination of Funnel, Creative and Data Strategy resulted in Tried and True Media increasing the Lifetime Value of each customer of Konscious Keto and drastically and profitably scaling their offer.

The Situation

The main issue at hand is two-fold. Differing campaigns would show either a negative delta (Ad platform over reporting via pixel and fewer sales actually appear in CRM) or positive delta (ad platform underreporting via pixel and more sales actually appear in CRM) thus making improper  optimization an easy pitfall as a result of inaccurate sales data.

Furthermore, the “deeper” the level observed, (campaign-level, Adset-level, Ad-level) the discrepancy (in per-cent) increases.

The Solution

Enter Tried and True Tracking. Tried and True Tracking seamlessly syncs data from popular ad platforms (Google, Facebook, TikTok) with your CRM sales data matching each and every sale in real-time on an ad-level.

Moreover, this is accomplished without the use of any pixels whatsoever and as such, is future proof in a pixel-less web environment.

Additionally, Tried and True Tracking’s platform is more than just analytics and tracking, it also allows you to optimize campaigns, bids, budgets etc… without ever having to leave the platform. The platform also purports in-depth video analytics and other high-leverage reports which are not available via Facebook/Google/TikTok Ad manager platforms.

Our Methodology

Customer Avatar and Ad Creative

We start by understanding your customers, who they are, what are their concerns and where are their watering holes. We then create amazing Copy and Ad design to maximize the CTR of every ad which allows us to reduce the CPC, and to drive profit for your business,

Mathematical Models

We measure everything. Our addiction to analytics is what helped us see where the money is going and the return we are generating. Our models allows us to know exactly how much a customer is worth and therefore how much we can afford to pay for them.

The Results

Following is a client in the Healthcare / Fitness space which implemented Tried and True Tracking in mid-December 2021. After a setup and optimization process of approximately 2 weeks, a significant scale was able to be achieved and maintained.

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