Revolution Golf

Revolution Golf approached Tried and True Media to help them acquire more customers from Facebook and Google in order to grow the revenues to prepare for a successful exit.

Key Results After 4 Months

165% increase in revenue generated from both Facebook and Google Traffic.
Revolution Golf was successfully acquired by NBC (the golf channel) to expand NCB's reach into direct consumer products.
40,000 paying subscribers added
"We've invested tens of millions of dollar on pay-per-clik advertising over the past several years working along the way with a number of partners and agencies. These experiences have given us insight into some of the best practices in the field (and also some of the worst). working with the team at Tried and True Media exemplifies best practices in working together on these initiatives. His team delivers detail and transparency in a structured manner, delivering on every expectation set. We've been pleased with our results to date and look forward to scaling and growing our business further with Tried & True Media"
Justin Tupper
CEO Revolution Golf

The Situation

Revolution Golf's first challenge was accurately determining their key metrics. Specifically when they would recoup their Ad Spend and also the LTV each customer. An additional challenge in determining the LTV of each customer was because customers would purchase numerous products from different funnels.

Once we could determine the LTV, the conversion rate of their funnel needed to be improved in order to drive more traffic for the same cost.

Our Methodology

Customer Avatar and Ad Creative

We start by understanding your customers, who they are, what are their concerns and where are their watering holes. We then create amazing Copy and Ad design to maximize the CTR of every ad which allows us to reduce the CPC, and to drive profit for your business,

Mathematical Models

We measure everything. Our addiction to analytics is what helped us see where the money is going and the return we are generating. Our models allows us to know exactly how much a customer is worth and therefore how much we can afford to pay for them.


NBC want to go a bit more direct to consumer.
Good "add on" for another NBC company called golf now (basically like but for tee times)
RG wanted to sell in order to get more scale for their products and membership program.
Incredible list monetization for golf channel and golf now with RG products.
Challenges Post Purchase. Integration and more approval process for tests and bandwidth.

The Results

After 3 months of Optimization of the Platforms, executing effective tests and assign their true lifetime value of a customer, we increased revenue by 164%

Want an audit of your funnel or media buying?

We work side by side with our partners to maximize results and profit, helping turn our partners into household names
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